Which features you like on Life of Srish | Monday Mumbles 4


Today I am going to ask your opinion on some of the regular features that I write here on Life of Srish. I love writing them and would love to continue with them in the coming year, still I wanted to know which ones you like the most and would love to see more among the following features:

Please do let me know your suggestions, not only regarding these features but also in general. 🙂

If you want to share or ask something in the next Monday Mumbles, please drop me an email at srish.myblog@gmail.com.

17 thoughts on “Which features you like on Life of Srish | Monday Mumbles 4

  1. I think you do very well in all the headings. Because you are a working girl, and also because I notice you becoming more organised in thoughts. So.. Keep it up 🙂

    Ok as far as requests go… Ummm.. Ok. Your new year celebration. Write about it 😉

  2. I am particularly addicted to Your Street Diaries. And street diaries become 10 time more interesting when they belong to those narrow streets of DILLI.

    Living away from Dilli makes my eyes shine even at a single image of Punjabi Bagh Market or Chawari Bajar Jalebi

    • Haha, looks like you have roamed a lot in the streets here, they are actually my favorite too among these features but I do them less because I want to do them with a good camera.

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