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Remember Collablog Diaries, anyone? It was a series of collaboration posts started by 4 bloggers and, with the year-end, we have come to the last post which is supposed to be published on my blog. The first post we did in the series was on Rose’s blog about our favorite DIY (Do-It-Yourselves) for skincare, the second post was on Mily’s blog about our then favorite makeup product, the third post was on my friend Kay’s blog. Now it’s time for the fourth post.

Unfortunately, both Mily and Rose couldn’t participate this time, so it would be just I and Kay. This time we decided to share one outfit/piece of clothing each that has a memory attached to it.

Over to Kay from IshtyleAwhile:


For most people, wearing a sari itself is memorable and, sure, I have some great memories associated with saris- the first sari I ever wore, the first one I bought with my own money, the first sari my colleagues gifted etc. This sari, however, holds a very special place in my heart.

When I got offered a job to teach in a pretty reputed school in Bangalore, I was really excited. To be teaching 11th and 12th standard as a fresher out of college ain’t something everyone gets to do. However, I was really worried about being taken seriously. Fortunately, the school that I worked in had a rule where we had to wear saris 4 days of the week. Most people would have hated it, but I loved the idea of getting up and dressing up.

This sari is the sari that I wore on my very first day of work 5 years ago. I wore it with a simple string of pearls and pearl earrings. There has been no looking back since then. This sari set my style, not just in terms of fashion but also who I am as a teacher. It says “ She’s fun but disciplined. Don’t mess with her.”

kay1 kay2

{A little note: I couldn’t help writing it, this is such a warm and emotional memory to be attached with any clothing! 🙂 }

Now, over to me: 😀


I am writing about a shirt that you have seen a lot many times on this blog, once in the Pinktober post and once in a work outfits post. Why is this shirt special? This was one of the gifts from the first salary of someone very close to me. So, yes, this shirt is very special even though I don’t know how it became such a popular piece of the label Annabelle (available at Lifestyle/Pantaloons/Shoppers Stop) that I have lost count of the people I have seen wearing this same shirt. It’s not even funny!


That was it. Would love to know if you have any clothing item with memories attached, or, you know, those lucky/unlucky clothing items. This reminds me, I had this shirt that I bought specially for campus placements, I used to wear it for all the interviews. There was only one company’s interview where I did not wear it and that’s the company I currently work for. What do you have to say about that? 😀

8 thoughts on “Outfits with memories attached | Collablog Diaries

  1. He he liked the interview part 😉. As for me I only wear whites for interviews and exams that I am very serious about, I just feel White is very lucky for me. And btw Srishty I loved the pic with you in saree, looking so pretty yaar 😊and couldn’t help noticing the alignment of your teeth!

    • Awww thank you Shruti ❤ By the way, since some time, I almost feel like calling you Shruti di, hope you won't mind that either 🙂 I love white but the shirt in the story was also white 😛

      • You can call me Shruti di, feels very mature and nice you know because my nobody calls me that. My own sister and brothers think I am way too imature 😢.
        Btw your’s was white too? It’s just the colour for me though not anything in particular. 😀

        • Even we don’t call our elder cousins bhaiya or di. 😀 Yeah, I got that you like wearing white shirts for interviews, same for me, that’s why i had bought that one :/

  2. Off topic from this post…
    Happy New year Srish. 2014, was good in the way which made me meet you here in bigger than Universe internet, thanks for being a good friend 🙂

  3. Awww thanks Srish!!1
    Love the shirt, whoever picked it surely has an idea of what looks awesome on you.
    And well I guess that shirt is just not meant to see the light of day of any other interview 😀

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