What awesome trips feel like: The Kids Way!

I don’t have any major travel experiences with kids. The one instance I can think of is getting irritated with a younger cousin of mine when she couldn’t stop asking questions. That was very, very mean of me. I should have been more encouraging. Anyway, I was a kid myself back then. Now, I find energy and curiosity of kids super inspiring. The world does not fail to impress them ever and the best part is that they take their own sweet time to enjoy small things (of course, most of this will be forgotten as part of growing up). However, this facility of enjoying small things and getting mesmerized with one thing can make travelling with kids fun and less cumbersome if it is their tantrums that scare you. Here are few ideas that can make a kids vacation awesome not only for them but also for you:

  1. Amusement Parks: Of course, it is obvious but it is usually taken for granted as well. Wouldn’t you agree? Many people think that it’s only fun for kids and avoid it unless their kids throw tantrums to go here. It can totally be a fun activity for adults if they let loose. Yes, you have to be careful about the kids but just be with them. Don’t let them go far away from you but also don’t be overbearing. You will soon be enjoying yourselves what with the fun rides and the contagious excitement of the kids.
  2. Fun food: For kids to like food, it has to look fun. Take them to places where the ambiance is colorful and the food is served in fun ways. If the place has toys around, it would be cherry on the cake! Kids don’t care much about fancy restaurants. 🙂
  3. Places with kid-friendly contests/ideas: Any place that can make your kid curious should definitely be visited. If you want to visit a museum on your trip, try ensuring that it has something interesting for the kids. There are many things in museums which can keep kids hooked. For example, if your kid is into cars, you can tell him about some cars at the museum. The Dolls Museum is Delhi would be loved by kids who enjoy playing with dolls and believe me, it is a fun place to visit even for adults. You will know when you go there.
  4. Planetariums: Now I agree that these can end up being boring for adults but mostly not. First of all, your kid’s happiness about being here won’t let you be bored and, in most cases, you will find yourself enjoying here otherwise also.
  5. Bookstores: This is an option if you are into books because if you go here, it would give the kids a chance to explore this option. This would probably make them interested in books. Wouldn’t that be the best thing? Show them the kids section and just look at their enthusiasm. Keep going here every time you get a chance unless your kid shows clear signs of not enjoying.
  6. Anything that involves water rides: Of course, you shouldn’t be going for something dangerous when with kids but even simple water sports will keep them happy. If you feel that you yourself will be super bored in simple water sports, then you may not consider this option. However, in most cases, parents get super happy with their kids enjoying that it becomes interesting and fun for them.
  7. Hangout places with kids section: There are many places who have a play area for kids. Since kids usually love such places and get engaged with one activity for a long time, it would give you some time to enjoy yourselves. However, if your kids are very young, don’t choose a place where the play area is far away from where you will be.

The basic idea is to keep your kid engaged with something. There should be something that makes your kid look forward to the place you plan to visit on your trip. Even if you have to miss a few places you wanted to visit, you won’t regret it because your kid’s excitement and happiness will make your trip fulfilling anyway!

Club Mahindra is coming out with a crowd-sourced travel e-magazine for kids called ‘Teddy Travelogues’. Visit here for more details. What I liked was the fact that the ideas and stories under various categories will be shared by either kids themselves or their parents. For example, the kid’s idea of a perfect day out. This can be a wonderful place for parents to check out for ideas to have fun with their kids. Hoping that Teddy Travelogues comes up with some creative and fun ideas for parents and kids to have fun!

14 thoughts on “What awesome trips feel like: The Kids Way!

  1. Ahha.. You did put some serious thought into this I see…
    But since you are young, and a good friend, I must ask you this: what about kids who are not from affluent sections of society? They can’t go to those dandy amusement parks ( like Kingdom of Dreams 😛 ).
    Someone has to think for them too..

    • But Tatsat, this post isn’t for kids, fortunate or underprivileged, it is meant for people (adults) who are planning a vacation/trip where kids will be with them too.

      As far as kids are concerned, kids stay happy irrespective of their privileges (unless bothered by an external source) because they are not like us. They get attracted and happy at even the littlest of things.

  2. Planning! well I do lots of planning with my kid, but when the time comes I quit. There are lots of places I want to visit but this six and a half month boy, hush!!!; his eyes, his naughty actions and etc etc refuse me to do any travelling. Well I think I need to wait few more months.

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