Tell me about your favorite blog!


The second Monday Mumbles is again a question by me.

Which is your favorite blog out there? 🙂

My Answer: I actually thought of this question while reading my favorite blog. It is ‘The Delhiwalla’ by Mayank Austen Soofi. He used to write a column by the same name in Hindustan Times Delhi supplement and I was head over heels in love with that column. I got to know about the blog quite late actually. The funny thing is that this is the only blog that I admire but not follow in any way. Like, I don’t get its updates from anywhere. I just Google the Delhiwalla whenever I want to read it. I admire a lot of other blogs as well, but this is the one I look up to. I love his attention to detail, his sensitivity towards people, cultures, faiths. I aspire to be like him in a lot of ways. (Mayank is very cute by the way).

Anyone who is reading this post, I would love to know which is your favorite blog.

Also, if you want to ask a question or share an experience or anything, I can post that the next Monday (you can also tell me if you are not willing to wait till next Monday 🙂 ), please mail me at

7 thoughts on “Tell me about your favorite blog!

  1. Hi Srishty, I would definitely be chechking out the blog the Delhiwala specially because you never loose an opportunity to mention it. Must be really good then. As for my favourite blog, it would be The Moving Quill by Shailaja V . She writes such great fiction you never know what happens till you reach the very end and her poems, I totally love them.Any writing challenge you give her she finishes it so well. I am a great fan of hers. 😊

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