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A site this popular doesn’t really need an introduction. If you are into online shopping, chances are you have shopped at least once at Jabong. 🙂 Still, I think I should totally share my recent experience of shopping with them. I have previously shopped from Jabong a lot of times and I have always had a satisfactory experience. I think the main reason that makes Jabong stand out in the online shopping world is the sheer variety that they have in terms of brands, it is seriously applaud-worthy. There are obviously more things to love (and some things that I would want to see improved as a customer) but all that after I have shown you what I bought. 😀 IMG_20141115_165430575

So, I and my brother were planning to buy a sweatshirt for him and, at the perfect opportunity, Jabong offered me a gift voucher to shop at their website and review it. We scrolled through the products to buy the kind of sweatshirt that he wanted. Navigating through the website, selecting the product, viewing your shopping cart and checking out after paying the money is a cakewalk with Jabong. Any first timer can easily do it and to have an experience of what I am talking about, you can check their website here. Our order arrived after 2 days of placing it and since we had bought the sweatshirt of a rather unknown brand, we were glad to see that it was of great quality. The package was securely wrapped as well. We were happy. 🙂 IMG_20141115_165929010IMG_20141115_165806817

To sum up my experience, here’s what I think of

What I like:

  • Huge selection of domestic and international brands, when I say huge I mean HUGE. The number of foreign apparel brands which are otherwise  not available easily in India keeps increasing on Jabong – Dorothy Perkins, New Look, River Island – you name it. Also, the presence of other popular brands like Aldo, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, CK Jeans is ever increasing.
  • Honestly, there was this one thing I liked more on another website (Myntra) that they showed the discounted price of a product while you were only looking at the product, Jabong used to show it only after you had put the product in the cart. Jabong has changed it and now they also show the discounted price while you are only looking at the product. This is one of my favorite features.
  • Easy to navigate website. You can browse through products by applying various filters like brands, colors, price range and what not.
  • Jabong is very good at building relationships (yes, it is an important point). They have a great bloggers’ network and they are also quite concerned towards their customers. A friend of mine who is a huge shopaholic regularly buys stuff from Jabong. Therefore, Jabong acknowledged her as a premium customer and gifted her with a voucher to shop. Yes, it is funny 😀 but it also says that they value their customers.
  • Since we have previously shopped from Jabong, we have experienced that they have an easy returns policy. You just need to contact the customer care and they will come to pick the stuff up and return your money as Jabong credits which you can get transferred to your bank account as well. You did not see the transferring to bank part coming, did you? 😀
  • Fast and safe delivery, tracking of the package is quite simple.
Putting Customer Care contact right on the package is great!

Putting Customer Care contact right on the package is great!

What I would like to see differently:

  • Cash on delivery is not free. Although this doesn’t matter much to me, since I hardly use Cash on Delivery on reliable websites but I am pretty sure this is the most preferred method of shopping for a lot of customers.
  • Ok, this really isn’t specific to Jabong, it concerns all e-commerce websites. The thing is that while they are the best places to shop for brands, they are not that helpful when it comes to local or unknown brands, you know the kind of products like earrings, ballerinas that you can find in street markets. Those products are not priced as cheap as they are in some of the local markets. For example, the sweatshirt that we bought was from an unknown brand and luckily it was of great quality but that might not be the case every time. The solution for websites would be to either price their local brands’ stuff competitively or stock only known brands so that customers are sure of what they are buying. The solution for customers would be to not invest a lot of money in something that they are not very familiar with.

Overall, this experience of mine with Jabong and previous experiences as well have been good and I would continue shopping with them.


PS: If this post gave you some craving to shop immediately, you should totally have a look at the offers Jabong is giving during GOSF (Great Online Shopping Festival). Also, like I mentioned that they are great with building relationships, the 2015 Jabong Online Fashion Week (JOFW) is about to begin and if you are a model, designer, stylist or photographer, you should definitely consider registering yourselves. For further details, check the website for JOFW. For more details, write to: Simron Sharma, Arijeet Rana –

Disclaimer: Gift voucher provided by, but all opinion is honest and unbiased.

5 thoughts on “Shopping Haul and Website Review:

  1. Hmmm….I am one of those dinosaurs who still is not too comfortable shopping online! 😛 The only stuff I buy regularly is books…but, and recently I bought a car audio( forget the site name)…but, with clothes, I am always apprehensive about the fit and the quality( as you mentioned)…i prefer the brick and mortar stores…shouldn’t they give me some sort of free voucher for being a loyal customer??? 😛 😀

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