Going pink for a cause: #Pinktober


October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in America. Since the Pink Ribbon is the international symbol for breast cancer awareness, October is now ‘Pinktober’ and it is all about being aware and making others aware about breast cancer. Before getting tagged for this post by Krupa of Ishtyle Awhile, all I knew about it was that it is something very common and it is something for which symptoms are not always visible. For this post, I started researching about it and I think we can all collectively agree that it is something for which women should keep examining either themselves or by doctors regularly as breast cancer can be cured if detected early. 

While you can get tons of articles on how to get yourselves examined for it and precautions you should take, I would list few unknown things I came across (before we move on to pink things of #Pinktober 😀 ):

1. Apparently under-wired brassiere should be avoided and yes, fit is the most important thing.

2. The well-known symptoms of breast cancer are visible in very less number of cases, in most cases the symptoms aren’t visible.

3. Apparently, for mothers, breast-feeding for a longer period of time reduces the risk of developing breast cancer at a later stage in life.

4. Few things that can reduce the risk of any disease, be it cancer or anything else, include eating a balanced diet complete with green vegetables, exercising regularly and being physically active in general. 🙂

5. Apart from these, you should totally check out these two links: https://www.fredhutch.org/en/diseases/breast-cancer/tips-prevention.html and http://www.examiner.com/article/precautions-every-woman-can-take-right-now-to-prevent-breast-cancer.

Moving on to lighter stuff :D, here’s how I am celebrating pink for Pinktober:

I am showing you how hot pink can totally work in formal wear although it seems impossible. 🙂 Many pictures are taken from previous posts, please bear. 🙂

1. First up is this pink shirt from Annabelle, Pantaloons. It looks a bit coral in the picture but believe me, it’s hot pink. Frills on the neck and the color itself, enough to make this shirt stand out among the crowd of formal shirts while still looking smart and serious.


2. Here’s how one kurta transitions from super formal to semi-formal to Diwali look 🙂 This kurta is from the brand ‘Aurelia’. I love their quality, by the way.


3. Here’s the pink salwar (South Asian pants). Comfortable, chic and totally wearable. These salwars are from ‘Sabhyata’ and I love how light and comfortable they are.


I hope we all manage to spread awareness about this as much as we can. I am tagging Shruti from ‘In Love With A Twilight Star’ for carrying the word forward, she being from the medical line might be of extra help to us. 🙂 I tag all of you reading this to spread awareness about it as much as you can. 🙂

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