Shopnineteen Haul & Website Review


I wanted to try something out from Nineteen since forever. They manufacture their own stuff and are based out of India. As per their website, they have been in the business of export for a while but I think they started selling on Nineteen since around an year back (just checked – 2012) . I wanted to buy something from them, mostly because they manufacture their own stuff and they are not shady overpriced.Β Since the time they launched, I keep browsing their website every now and then. The best part is that their designs are very different, the worst part is that not all designsΒ are good different. However, sift through the clothes on their website and you will definitely like many things.

Here’s what I bought (followed by what I think of them). Oh, I am so sorry for not mentioning the packaging. Look at that!!! Wonderfully packaged stuff which made me feel really, really happy. Now that’s what we call putting your heart in the business and knowing how to make your customers happy. Believe you me, not only does the packaging look good, the stuff actually was very well packaged in separate paper wrappers (and those paper wrappers were worth skipping a heart beat!).



I bought three tops in their buy-any 3 things-for-999 offer. The first one is a red-colored polyester blouse and I bought it for work. It is really beautiful and works great for office.DSC_9468

The second top was this lavender and white color crop top which is really beautiful but I am not comfortable doing crop tops (more like my parents aren’t πŸ˜› ), still I liked it a lot. I bought it believing that I would find some high-waist skirt or pants in my wardrobe to wear this with. So far, zero success. I might just pair it with a sari in the coming wedding season to let go of the guilt. Believe me, I am a very sensible shopper, this is my one ‘brainless’ purchase in a long time.


The third thing is this top in bubblegum pink color. I basically bought it because I don’t remember owning this color ever. Sorry for the weird picture. You can check it out here. This top is so very soft!!!


Lastly, here’s what I think of the website:

What I liked:

  1. The best part for me is that everything is exactly how it looks on the website. All 3 things that I bought look exactly same as the website in reality. In fact, when I saw the bubblegum pink top on their website, I felt that the material is a little cling-ey, when I tried the top at home, it was exactly that. πŸ™‚ So, the website gives a fair idea of what you are buying.
  2. They put a huge effort in making your shopping experience good. The stuff was very nicely packaged (as you can see) and it put a big smile on my face. Their customer service is amazing because I talked to them on phone as my order wasn’t getting placed. In fact, even the emails that they send about dispatch and other details are so quirky and attention-grabbing just like their packaging.Β 
  3. It is all their in-house manufacturing, which is something that attracts me.
  4. The stuff is not shady overpriced like many other websites.
  5. Huge collection to choose from.

What I didn’t like:

  1. Like I mentioned, they have unique designs but not necessarily in a good way. Most of their stuff is towards the bohemian side, I really, really hope that they come up with some classy designs next or other designs as well like we see on those Chinese wholesale websites.
  2. Although in this department, they are much better than their counterparts, I still hope that they start pricing their clothes even better or increase the quality of the material that is used. πŸ™‚

Overall, I had a lovely experience and I would love to shop from them again if I come across any new designs that I like. πŸ™‚

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