Inspiring Lives: An autowallah who taught me a life lesson

Its funny how we can find inspiration or motivation in the commonest of things (you know what’s funnier? how I always keep running into these things that I need to post about while the planned posts wait till eternity :/ ). Anyway, you won’t believe what happened today, read on.

Some of us friends were having lunch in one of the friends’ office and after that, we came out to hire autos back to our respective offices. I was bargaining and this autowallah agreed to my price but asked me to wait till he calls the other autowallah who will take me there. So, now appeared the other autowallah. He was physically challenged and actually walked on 4 limbs. YES. I couldn’t believe that he is the guy who will drive me there. I was actually a little scared about whether he would be able to do that. Better sense prevailed and I realized that he must be doing it for quite some time. I wouldn’t have been able to say that I am scared to go with him anyway and more importantly, I did not want to say that at all. So, yes, while the bigger lesson is, of course, that he is an auto driver for earning a living while having such a challenging problem at hand but there’s another very unbelievable lesson.

When we reached the destination, I did not have the required change. As soon as I took out the money, he himself said, without even letting me try to ask for change around, that this would be fine. He can take 10 rupees less. I insisted that he waits a minute and asked somebody on the road for change which I did not get and he very calmly told me to let it go. I do realize that he probably let it go because he himself cannot walk around asking for change but what is equally important is the fact that he was pretty calm about it. Having a problem is one thing but accepting and dealing with it peacefully is completely another. And to call a man walking on four limbs as ‘having a problem’ is an understatement. Bravery and endurance. πŸ™‚

I wish him all the luck in life!


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