How important Indian Crafts Industry is to our economy and heritage

This is one of the best articles I have read in my entire life. This is something I completely believe in. It is just that I am not doing something about this on a personal level (apart from, of course, buying Indian handicrafts). I really urge you all to read this article.

Ignoring artisanship | The Indian Express | Page 99.

10 thoughts on “How important Indian Crafts Industry is to our economy and heritage

  1. Well… I have never done anything for crafts per se, but given that it is the second biggest employer here – it should be paid attention to. Read this article because that kind of my job, but didn’t mull over it much.

    You definitely are well aware of things that interest you. Good.

    • oh no, i am one of the least aware person you will ever come across. I once faced a mock interview where it all popped up right in front of the interviewees, it is not good when others realize that. :/

      But why do you say that it is kind of your job?

      • Ahh.. At least you know this much. Most of engineers are zombies. No idea about anything that crawls outside syllabus. You have interest in crafts, which is commendable 🙂

        Well… I freelanced for ToI in college days, worked for The Indian Express till sometime back and currently, my job description entails reading two newspaper a day 😉 But that all apart, I like to be aware, hence a natural interest in newspaper and magazines…

        • Lol! that is probably because I am not into programming at all. However, I wish I was a good programmer because my college is really good and offers amazing opportunities for those who are good at coding. I wasn’t and therefore, I have entered consulting now. 🙂

          and wow, that’s exactly the kind of work that I like. Let me know the details of your job and education (it is completely fine if your education was not related to the job) as and when you feel comfortable. 🙂

          • Consulting could not be that bad. I think most of the companies that came for recruitment in my college were consulting firms as well. But I don’t know for sure- didn’t sit for placements. One sister is in Mu Sigma in Bangalore, but I don’t know what she does 😉

            Are toh ismei kya hai… I am a trained aerospace engineering graduate, but have worked for newspapers since college. You can monitor their “opportunities” section for openings that’s how I got in. Alternatively, you can work hard on your blog, attract a heavy footfall and then contact them. I have a feeling that will be heavy. But you can do it if you really want to

            • Oh, thanks for letting me know. 🙂 Contacting through blog is a great idea, but as of now I do not have time enough to concentrate on publicizing the blog properly and effectively. Once I am done with the studies, I would look at all these options for sure. Oh studies! :/ Why do I not study properly? :/ (ok, that diverted quickly 😛 )

              • Haha… Well it will mean considerable efforts ( the second route, I mean ). I have seen bloggers spend so much time for one single post. So, naturally what comes out is a masterpiece. But you can always look up the intern/job openings you know… Alternatively, I used to sharpshoot articles in The Hindu with letters to editor 😀 Khoob publish hote the apne. That helps when you finally apply for an opening.

                Don’t take studies seriously. Funny, how we start off as something in college and become something else entirely some years hence. So, you know never. You might already be en-route of becoming that.

      • That’s wow. Don’t know anyone who thinks like that. Glad to know you are into what needs our attention. There is hope for humanity after all

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