Weekend tea party organized by Mily :D

So, Mily from Pinkrimage has come up with this fun tag to do on the weekend. Considering that I love tag posts and this one sounds so fun and easy, I decided to do it right away! 😀 Here you go:

1) That one skincare product which you will never stop using!!

Gram flour (besan) with curd and turmeric as a cleanser/scrub. This never fails to bring back my skin to order. It is the perfect thing for cleaning, removing dirt, removing tanning, clarifying skin and what not!

2) Do you believe in Luxury makeup? I mean do you find them worth the money?

According to me, believing in a brand does not necessarily mean that I find it worth the money. I mean that I can still believe in a brand despite knowing that it is overpriced, simply because I like it. Actually, none of the makeup products are worth the money, they are all overpriced anyway, even the drugstore ones. Same goes for clothes and all. If somebody likes a brand enough, they may be willing to buy its products even if they are costly. Personally, I try to be as rational as possible. 😛

3) Beach or Mountains??

Both equally. I am more of a culture loving person than a nature loving person, so I’ll probably enjoy a Kolkata or a Gujarat more than a Kashmir or a Goa. (Editor’s Note: I don’t know what I was thinking – it is soooo mountains!! So, mountains & city life 🙂 )

4) Makeup or Skincare??

Skincare. Obviously, makeup won’t make you happy unless you have healthy skin, that makes you feel confident.

5) Do you follow a CTM routine?? If yes, what products?

I do, but not religiously, because of laziness. I wash my face with a face wash, follow-up with applying rose-water and a sunscreen in the morning and nothing or the Nivea white cream in the night. I know I should at least put on a moisturizer before the sunscreen in morning, but it just doesn’t happen. Mostly because I never have anything lying around that I want to put on before the sunscreen. Suggestions for a good day time moisturizer that evens out skin tone and is not full of chemicals?

Oh, also, in evening, I use oil/vaseline to cleanse my kohl etc before starting the face wash routine. I really, really think that there’s no better makeup remover in the world than almond, coconut or olive oil.

6) Pop Neon nails or Nude beige?

Both 😀

7) Lipstick or lipgloss?

Both 😀 Though I don’t have much experience with either of them.

8) Organised or messy??


9) Your favorite online shopping site for makeup??

Uhmm, yet to explore since I don’t buy much makeup as of now.

10) A saree or a dress??

Both 😀 It is just cruel to choose one 😀

If you enjoyed reading this, please do one yourself and put the link in the comments. For the original post, go here.

Take care & keep smiling

Srish 🙂

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