Life Instagrammed! #7

Hi there! πŸ˜€

It has been so long since I wrote here and even longer since I did an instagram snippets post. Well, work-wise everything remained pretty much the same and there were a lot of things occupying my mind relating to work, studying, reading and what not but isn’t that the case always? So, I guess, I was just plain lazy to post. πŸ™‚

And what better way to break the break than a life snippets post, yeah? Here is whatever I clicked since around March 14 (I have reasons to remember the dates. No, not any romantic reason :D):


1. The book that I was reading in the beginning of March. Can anybody take a guess which book it is?


2. A photograph of the famous Olive Bistro in Cyber Hub taken from far away (because its too pricey to go near :P). I have heard really good things about this place, but I think the opinions are bound to be affected by the beautiful, beautiful ambiance. Do you see that terrace with the vintage-y white segregated areas and the lights! The indoors are as beautiful. :’)


3. I was going to my hometown to celebrate Holi with my cousins. In this picture, I wait for the train to arrive.


4. This was when I tried my hands on a Chinese dish that I learnt about on the internet. It did not turn out great, but it was fine. πŸ˜›


5. Trying out a hot dog from Cafe DT in Cyber Hub. This Cafe DT is great, you guys! I mean when you pass by this place, you will never even give a second glance to it, it looks like those metro station fast food joints (or railway station food joints if you don’t know what am I talking about). However, if you do try any of the things here, believe you me, they are going to turn out very, very delicious. Everything on offer is pretty basic stuff but everything tastes good, like the vegetable momos, the hot dogs. Oh, and, DO NOT miss the 4700 BC popcorns!!


6. You remember this from the holi post?


7. I love this nail paint. You may have seen it here.


8. Shahi Paneer. One of the yummiest dishes we eat here in North India. This is truly the stuff what dreams are made of. πŸ˜€

A quick note: Hey Guys! If you live in Delhi-NCR, I would suggest you give a go to Cyber Hub, Gurgaon for an evening out. This place has really fabulous fine dining restaurants opening here for the corporate people in Cyber City. It might be a fun place to hang out!

Keep Smiling,


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