Cannot see, but photographs

If you think this is just a catchy headline to grab eyeballs and would lead to a different meaning as you go on, then you are wrong. I recently came across someone who is visually impaired, but is a photographer and follows sounds to click his pictures. 🙂 Yes, it is true. Sipra Das, a photojournalist, is coming out with her book – ‘The Light Within’ that features pictures of visually impaired people whose lives are inspirational in unimaginable ways! They are doing things that are unexpected and truly inspiring. For example, this person who is a photographer. I mean it is so hard to imagine a visually impaired person to be a photographer, isn’t it?

I read this inspirational story in Sunday’s Hindustan Times, Page 10 and it really touched me. Precisely why its here. 🙂

Go, check out! It is indeed worth checking out. Here’s a shot of the coverage from Hindustan Times (i know you can’t make out much from this picture :/)


Take care,

Srishty 🙂

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