Life Instagrammed! #5


I am back with the most regular posts on this blog. 😀 (Hope it doesn’t get jinxed :O)

Coming back to the snapshots from my life, here you go:


1. A visit to the New Delhi World Book Fair 2014 organized by National Book Trust


2. A new washing machine by IFB, it is a Wedding Anniversary gift to my parents 😀


3. Ok, it might be weird for others that I am excited about this key chain holder inside my bag, but I love this holder! 😀 It lets me hang this key chain which is a gift! 😀 The blue thing is my lens solution!


4. Here’s a close up of the classic vintage beauty of a calendar key chain! What makes it extra beautiful? The fact that its a gift from Luck. 🙂


5. A shot from my building’s terrace. I go sit there on weekends to enjoy the winter sun.


6. Costa Coffee’s cookie. It was nice, but overtly sweet.


7. It is this restaurant called ‘Made In Punjab’ in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. Cyber Hub is a cool hangout place with loads of fine dining places and my office is situated in Cyber Hub. 🙂


8. Cute socks 🙂


9. Would you believe if I tell you that I got those sandals for 250 Rs (roughly 4 dollars)? 😀 They are not comfortable though.


10. Another restaurant in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. California Pizza Kitchen this is! I found the pizza just fine, but maybe if I try another set of toppings, I’ll say these are good pizzas, better than many. I think I like Indian-ized spicy pizzas like from Dominos. By the way, I am hearing rave reviews of the pizzas of this chain in Gurgaon called Fat Lulu’s. I’ll totally check it out sometime soon.


11. Reading Premchand. Blissful is all I can say!

Thanks for reading!

Stay happy 🙂

5 thoughts on “Life Instagrammed! #5

  1. What a lovely way to record your life, in pictures, and I liked all of them! The vintage calender key ring is such a treasure, and I love the fact that you read Hindi!

  2. Great pics – a nice glimpse into your life!! I know the pain of pretty sandals turning out to be uncomfortable! I so wanted to visit the World Book Fair in Delhi during our visit, but we didn’t have time 😦

    • awww, i truly hope you get to visit it sometime. The feeling that I had when I was there is beyond beautiful. 🙂 In fact, I have done a post about this book fair.
      and thanks for your comment dear 😀 keeps me going 🙂

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