Rainy London

I loved this painting, like totally!

S. Laura Artworks

Rainy London


Rainy London, November 2013, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 35 cm

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I’ve always liked London, or, better said, its weather. In spite of the constant rain and moisture, it also exhales warmth and comfort. I try to translate the experiences behind certain situation because I consider that you have to first taste bad in order to appreciate the good parts in life. In this painting, for instance, only the cold rain the pedestrians must face will make them truly appreciate the warmth provided by their homes. And, as a spot of color, I added one of the elements, which in my opinion, represents the color of the city itself: a phone booth.

My advice is that you shouldn’t just stare at the painting; try to imagine yourself trading places with one of the pedestrians on the sidewalk.

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