Awesome bag shop in Connaught Place, New Delhi


Disclaimer: The pictures are crappy! The owner was kind of freaked out by the clicking. The bags were really good though. 🙂

So, I entered this shop just by chance (Love how one manages to discover old vintage shops in Connaught Place out of nowhere!). Me and my friend were looking for a ladies handbag to be gifted. We checked out Sri Leathers, the famous handbag and shoe shop in Connaught Place (CP). If you live in Delhi, you will know about this one. Although the collection was ok, everything was so drab and dirty. And yes, they sell the same pieces that you are checking out.

Disappointed we moved to Bata and other brands in the vicinity, when we discovered this shop – ‘Duli Chand and Bros’. Clearly, this is an old times shop. I love such places, because you manage to find treasures! My friend bought a leather bag for some 2700 bucks. It was really sturdy and a color different from the usual leather bags. It was a berry purple kind of color, you know. The bags are priced quite decently compared to the branded ones, and the quality is extremely good.


1. Amazing quality bags at a price quite affordable compared to branded leather bags like Hidesign, Da Milano etc (Of course, they have so much variety and better finishing, but here you get what you pay for).


2. They were quite honest regarding which bags are faux leather and which are real.

3. There were bags of the double strap kinds as well which are rare to be found in local shops. I don’t know what they are called but here’s a picture for reference.


In this, you can see the double strapped ones hanging at the top in the right side!


1. I am personally not into animal leather bags. Since I don’t know whether the ‘real’ ones mean animal leather, I would only buy the faux ones.


2. The variety was not huge (but whatever was there was good).

If you are in CP, check this shop out. Address is there in the picture below:


28 thoughts on “Awesome bag shop in Connaught Place, New Delhi

  1. Good Post Sri! Looks like you always have unique experiences while shopping! Lets go shopping together, so that you can write a post about shopping with ME! (goes without saying that I will be in all the photos. LOL!)

  2. Didn’t know that you maintain a blog! ( after going through some of your posts, I would say keep writing girl! )
    Life of Srish deserves more posts 🙂

  3. Have you ever been to Bhopal, Srishty?
    Here is a place called as ‘New Market’ which is a heaven for shopaholics! 🙂
    You will get everything, literally everything at super reasonable prices.
    Do visit The City of Lakes some time. 🙂

  4. hey! u must had a nice experience.. can be seen in your blog. Recently I also purchased a bag online from Mex Lifestyle.. and just I loved it :-).

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      • Hi,

        Can you suggest me a place for good duffle bags..
        I need one, around 25 inches in length but should look really cool..need it for my airport hopping..;)

        Sorry for the bother.

        • Hi Krishna, Thanks for visiting! I am really not aware of any particular place for duffle bags, however you may consider checking out brands like samsonite, american tourister, nike, puma etc. 🙂

          On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 4:36 AM, Life of Srish wrote:


  6. What is your company name and where is it located? I have bag shop in Thimphu Bhutan and I want to have only bags to sell, different model, shapes, sizes. These can include pouch,purse,side bags, laptop, tablet, etc. Please mail me your ID in this address:

    Dhurba Chhetri
    00975 17600201

    • I can help you in getting bags, purses wallets, travelbags etc.
      Please contact me on my cell no. 08006661638

  7. we are manufacturers of high class bags..laptop back pack,school bags and other all tipe of bags,,if yoy are intersted pls, cont;me 9212251721;9810593629;surya bags industries,delhi

    • Hi Nadima, can you specify which leather goods? For bags, you can check out Paharganj, there are many small shops and this one in the post! For leather jackets, there are some vintage shops in CP, but I dont know there names! Hope it helps 🙂

  8. There are at least two in paharganj, but not made to last, the stitches are single, and the zippers do not last. The owner/salesman and other shop people will bullshit you that they are made strong. They look good however and they are cheap. They have knock offs of branded, and they charge you more because they are “branded” but not at same price sold in America or elsewhere.

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