Life instagrammed! Week #2

Finally a proper post is up. Trust me, there are.more posts with interesting content to follow. Here’s to week #2 of life captured!


Beginning from left (going across):

1. Reading the weekly Sunday magazine – HT Brunch by Hindustan Times. It has this amazing article on places to explore in Delhi without paying a single penny, that is what the cover page is about.

2. My old converse: This is my favorite picture out of the lot. I have memories attached to these shoes, and I love them, even though they are quite worn out.

3. Winter Sunshine: I was coming back from an exam whose center was in a remote area, I saw this field on my way back. It looked beautiful in reality, the picture hasn’t come out that good.

4. Cooking Spring Onions and Potatoes: This happened on a Saturday afternoon.

5. Cooking Papad ki sbzi: This happened right after point 4, I tried to make a dish out of this Indian crunchy! Its funny that it looks like pasta. šŸ˜€

6. Shopping the sales: I shopped from westside over the weekend, and I love the ballerinas so so much.

7. Garnier body cocoon: Bought this as I couldn’t find the one from Himalaya, which is cruelty-free, I wanted to try this any way, so bought this one anyway. Pleasant but artificial smell. Not good for extremely dry skin.

8. Office washroom: One of the washrooms in Office which is done up nicely.

9. Currently Reading: City of Djinns by William Dalrymple. I am also starting my brunch book challenge with this one. Opinion will be up soon on the blog!

Here are some more:


1. Fuzzy socks:Ā Who doesn’t love them? I love them completely.

2. First lipstick:Ā This is my first ever lipstick. Its crazy! I am so embarrassed about it, but still wanted to buy one. haha! Its an influence of all the beauty blogs reading. I’ll probably share my opinion in a post soon?

3. Flower arrangement:Ā Again, in the office washroom.

Take care. šŸ™‚

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