14 Random facts about me

I have fun when I am reading the ‘random facts about me’ posts by others, so thought of doing one myself! 😛

Here are some:

1. I was a real tomboy during few years of school, I was actually stopped once while entering the ladies loo 😛 and often mistaken by little kids as a guy. 😀

2. I am a big foodie and I have recently started giving attention to eating clean. I am really, really liking the habit. (It doesn’t mean that I am not having junk food at all or something!)

3. I have phases of a favorite color and currently, its pink and all things pastel. (I am kind of embarrassed about admitting the pink part though, every girl who has had a tomboy childhood would understand). 🙂

4. Like most girls, I love shopping. Though I haven’t shopped properly, I mean only for the sake of shopping and feeling happy, in like 1.5 years? And before that, I wasn’t even that big a shopaholic. :/ Yeah,sad story.

5. Unlike many, I am not a huge-ass chocolate lover. Of course, I like it but not in an addictive way. Well, neither coffee, nor soft drinks. Yeah baby, beat that! 😀

6. I have recently become interested in photography. I have this feeling that this will last.

7. I like visiting new places but I do not like travelling to there at all. 😛 I mean, on any given holiday, I would mostly prefer to stay at home with good company, good food, movies, books, explore my city hangouts etc, instead of going on adventure trips etc. 😛 Too boring?

8.  I wish I become a more fun and cool person, I take things way too seriously.

9. I love Delhi. There are so many things to be hated about, no really, there are, but I love it still. And, there is sooooooo much to explore here.

10. I think my degree of getting annoyed at little things is increasing (I find it quite scary). It might sound like a contradiction to point 13, but it’s not. I do feel lucky about the bigger things, like being the generation who got things comparatively easy, etc but things like people not being in a queue on the metro, people acting super selfish etc annoy me! 😛

11. I am quite a fearful person. I am scared of a lot of things.

12. However, I am good at taking stands for my near and dear ones.

13. I am a very thankful person. I mean, I always feel thankful for everything that I get in life. I don’t have to put an extra effort to be that, I actually feel that there are so many less fortunate people (not that I am doing anything about that :/).

14.  I love reading but I read way too less compared to people who usually love reading.

5 thoughts on “14 Random facts about me

  1. I was hoping that no.5 will change after u spending more and more time with me! 😀
    For no. 10… yeah i totally see that! 😀
    For no.4… u did some pretty cool shopping recently! 😛
    NO.13… i hope u r thankful for meeeeting MEEEEE! 😀

    And i LOVEEE NO.6!!! u know why… 😀

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