Outfits of the week(s)

I am so proud of myself that I am finally writing on a weekday after so long. (That did not happen. I never got around to posting the pictures, even though I enthusiastically did this post in my office cab on my way back home). 😛

First of all, I have taken the idea of posting outfits of multiple days as a combined post from Mehak from Peaches § Blush. I loved this idea! Its practical, fun and is more usable for outfit ideas and for judging the pattern of your own outfits (or of the person whose outfit post you are going through :D). The only gripe is that I considered doing this long ago and religiously clicked pictures every morning but never got around to posting it. So, now I am going to bombard this post with outfit pictures from multiple weeks!

Yes,blabbering is over. But before I put the pictures, here are my observations about my outfits:

1. I have only regular shirts to go with trousers/skirts (and that’s why you may get bored with the pictures after a while). I should have blouses too – chinese collar,satiny ones etc. You get the drift!

2. I need pants of different styles like boot-cut ones. And yes, I do not have any grey-colored pants (they are awesome, right?)

3. I clearly need more shoes.

That’s it. I am finally done with the talking. Feel free to judge me, feedback is welcome. And yes, I hope that in my next multiple outfits post, I wear formals more creatively (but most observations of mine require buying, which is not happening for a while. I am broke right now 😛 😀 ).

Please excuse the picture quality in some photos. 😦


  • Dark Purple Striped Shirt: Bombay High (It had three-fourth sleeves till elbows but they were uncomfortable, I got the sleeves cut by the tailor).
  • Beige High-Waisted Trousers: Westside
  • Belt: Random Store
  • Beige Sandals: Westside (These are A.W.E.S.O.M.E).
  • White Full Sleeves Shirt: Cantabil
  • Grey Skirt: Bombay High
  • Black Bellies: Local Shoe Store, Rajouri Garden, Delhi


  • Mint Paisley Print Kurta: W
  • Black Leggings: Local Store
  • Pink Satiny Shirt: Pantaloons (A brand called Annabelle, it had lot of good formal shirts)
  • Black Trousers: Promod

DSC_0315 DSC_0318

This is outfit of the same day. In the first picture, I am just not wearing the blazer.

  • Cobalt Blue Top: Chemistry (gifted :D)
  • Grey Blazer: Chemistry (gifted :D)


  • Blue Full Sleeves Shirt: MAX (This shirt is some 4-5 years old :P)
  • The purple shirt is the same as the first picture. 🙂

IMG_20130902_212511 IMG-20130909-WA0000

  • Dark Grey Pants (which do not look grey at all in the picture! 😦 ): Cantabil
  • Black Shoes (yes, it is a different pair from the ones above :P): Local Store, Rajouri Garden, Delhi
  • Flower Print Kurta: Got it stitched
  • White Leggings: Local Store
  • Tan Sandals (which aren’t visible at all): Local Store, GK M-Block market, Delhi

Friday Business Casuals:

DSC_0247 DSC_0290

  • Plaid Multi-Colored Shirt: Local Store, Lajpat Nagar Market, Delhi
  • Floral Shirt: Some random market
  • Brown Pants (the ones with the floral shirt, I know all dark pants are looking just the same!): Bombay High (These happened to be of bad quality!)
  • Beige Belt: Footsteps, TGIP Mall, Noida

That’s it! Please let me know if these kind of posts are boring/interesting and all the suggestions are most welcome. 🙂 Be gentle regarding the picture quality though. 😀

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4 thoughts on “Outfits of the week(s)

  1. Srishty I loved each and every one of these outfits.

    And I am gobsmacked that you have the same paisley print kurta as do 3 others in your office 😀

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