The Birthday Post

Yesterday was my birthday. 🙂 And all I want to say about it is that I feel really, REALLY blessed to have amazingly caring people in my life. Everybody close to me took charge to make my day special.



This is how I had planned it: Go to office, get excited about customary birthday email which is sent by office, get wished by people, get special treatment by friends in office, take a leave from office, have lunch with best friends, hang out with them, go back home in the evening and celebrate with family. Now, the office friends really made the initial part awesome. Most of the office friends weren’t in office that day but the ones who were made sure to make me happy. My friend even talked to her manager to allow her to go to the client site later (because I told her that I’ll leave by lunch). As I told them about my leaving by lunch, they had to arrange the cake real fast :D, as they had plans to do that later. It was supremely fun. 😀

This is how it was planned by some of my favorite people: Let me go to office, let me get excited about the birthday email, let me have fun with my office friends, go fo lunch with me (we went to MamaGoto, but our experience there is for another post :P), keep me busy in hanging out so that some of my other friends can take care of the surprise party at my home. 🙂 Then, I go back home and there’s a party with my family and all these ‘planners’ in presence. 😀 Amidst all this, a very special friend of mine sent me a surprise cake and flowers from Bangalore. I miss her! :/ There are some more friends and cousins, who are in and around Delhi, and so I wish they were present too but they couldn’t come because of genuine reasons that I know of. I had had a similar amazing surprise party earlier as well and it is so overwhelming to get all this love. 🙂

I feel so blessed to have some amazing people in my life. Thank you God for them 🙂 Thank you to that person who put his thoughtfulness in everything to make this day special for me, *you are the best* .:) Thank you to this best friend of mine who stayed with me throughout the day because I wanted her to. 🙂 Thank you to my other best friend whom I could meet only late in the evening because he had an interview but he still managed to come. Thank you to this amazing friend who took a leave from office simply because he was asked to. A big thanks to this friend who came to my place even after a hectic day at work and took care of the decorations and stuff. Also, my cousin and her husband who managed to join in all the party spirit! Thank you to my parents and brother for pampering me on my day.

PS: I am not posting gift pictures as I have not clicked them yet and I don’t feel like posting them. I’ll update this post if I do feel like. (By the way, the gifts from my best friends are super amazing). Also, same goes for party pictures, I don’t have them and yet not sure if I want to post them. 🙂

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