Trying out the new Dunkin’ burgers

Ok, now this happened a long time back. So long ago that I have faintly forgotten the taste. 😛


So Lucky and I decided to try out the newly launched dunkin’ burgers (when they were actually newly launched 😛 and not now! :D) during one of our weekend hangouts. I ordered the veg Chef’s Special Burger and Lucky chose the smoked chicken one. And yes, I hereby declare that their advertisements are totally correct and they are PURELY DELICIOUS! I loved the burger, mostly because of the generous amount of cheese in it, and lucky said that the chicken one is even better (he took a bite from mine too, therefore he knows. :)) Not to mention that they were pretty huge and very filling. The only problem that I had with them was that in some bites, it felt a little dry, maybe because I got habitual of the good amount of cheese in the other bites (I hope you are getting what I mean :P). So, yes, the cheese should have been evenly distributed. Also, I am yet not over the student phase and I do consider paying above or around Rs 100 for just burgers a good enough amount. Oh, by the way, I love this student phase :’). Sorry, coming back to the point :D, I expect more cheese in a burger which costs more than Rs. 100. 😛 More, more, more cheese. 😀


On the other hand, one of my friends mentioned that she has tried the other variants of the veg burgers and they were not as good as the chef’s special one. I am yet to try them out and I am totally going to try them out. 😀

I would urge you guys to try out the Dunkin’ burgers at least once. 🙂

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