The Floral Shrug: Street Style 2

She is Aishani, my friend from MBA coaching. I know, I know, she is, like, very pretty. 😀 She wore this extremely cool shrug to classes the other day.

I love outfits which do not look like a lot of effort has been put to create them. Aishani’s outfit here is just that. Jeans, a top slightly different from regular tees and the beautiful, statement-y shrug. It is casual but a notch above the regular casual outfits that we see. Not made up at all, still standing out in the crowd!

Alert: I do realize that I need to come up with better pictures. 😦

Here’s a look at the design of the shrug properly (The picture quality, I understand, is bad. The original colors of the shrug are the ones in the second picture).

Here’s a quick question: I deliberately chose the background for picture 2 and 3 as it has an old world charm. Honestly, do you like that background as much as I do? 

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