Yes, I am easily embarrassed about it

Hello there! 🙂

It has been a long time since I last wrote. Yes, there are time constraints, but honestly it is always the inclination that is lacking. In good news, I got a new phone. 😀

Coming back to the title of this post, has anyone else also ever been embarrassed about being addressed as ‘madam’ by rickshaw-wallas and other such people? I am pretty sure that is THE most weird question anyone has ever thrown at you, right? I know, I know, you might even had not noticed that your reference by these people shifted from ‘beta’ to ‘madam’ a long time back. But I do feel embarrassed about it ever since it happened with me which was, of course, a long time back. However, it manages to embarrass me still. I have no explanation as to why is it so. 😛

Same goes for another such experience. But this one is a recent one. Whenever I (or any other employee) is at the office pantry to fetch a glass of water or a mug of coffee, if there is already some housekeeping guy having water or filling water into his glass, his peers ask him to move aside so that the employee can have first. This shit is embarrassing to me! I don’t get the point. I mean if it is out of some sort of conduct that they need to display, then I am sure there is no such code of conduct. This I am saying because we are not asked to do any such things for our seniors in office like calling them sir/ma’am, letting them have water first in a queue (phew!). 

Please don’t think that I have gone crazy 😀 and please do come back to read my future posts, lol! 😀 Its just something that I experienced and would love to know if you have something similar to share. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Yes, I am easily embarrassed about it

  1. I also recently got the tag of “Sir” recently from these kids I am working with in an NGO…..but it wasn’t embarrassing….but a new thing 🙂 :p ….For the Rickshaw walas i am still “beta”….lol !! :):p but I agree with you on what happens in some workplaces like yours….stupid it is ! :p

    • Haha! good thing that you aren’t embarrassed about it. and, it ain’t just workplaces, these things happen everywhere, like coaching institutes. and regarding my workplace, kabhi aaio, lets see what you have got to say then! 😛 😀

  2. Seriously Srishty I feel embarrassed and kind of sad too specially when they much much older than us . And those times when you go shopping and the security guards get up to open doors for us I feel terrible . They really don’t have to do that you know . Great post and you are not alone there .

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