Happiness with a bonus

So my mom liked this sari at the local supermarket the other day while we were shopping for groceries. You know how Indian moms are, they try to find good stuff for themselves only in the cost effective places (or is it just me who knows most Indian moms like this?). Anyway, I decided to gift her that for mother’s day (Also, I am a student and I do not want to buy too much expensive gifts when I am using my parents’ money).

So, I went there today to buy that sari and when I reached there, I couldn’t spot it in the sari section. I found the same sari in other colors but I did not like them as much. I tried looking around but in vain. I was highly disappointed. In fact, I could see that even the sales assistant was kind of feeling bad. 😛 So, I was looking here and there to find something that I like (equally or less), and that is when I saw that that sari is lying on one of the top shelves. 😀 Geeeee! I was so happy and so was the sales guy. 😀

Now comes the best part (trust me, it gets better :D). There was an offer running on these sarees where you buy 2 sarees and pay 50% of the total amount. Do I even have to explain how much happiness does this mean to any girl in this entire world? 😀   Obivously, now I bought two sarees.

Clearly, I am extremely delighted and I & my brother cannot wait to gift our mom both the sarees tomorrow morning! 😀

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world 🙂

PS: I made my brother come with me for the sari shopping and he disapproved of both the sarees.:P In the end, he said, “buy it as you are saying that mom liked this.” 😀

5 thoughts on “Happiness with a bonus

  1. Oh man ! This post is so cuteee 😀
    And this picture is like a cherry on the top of the cake 😀
    Awesome \o/

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