On Se Reverra

It means ” we will see each other again”. This is what our juniors chose to call our farewell and, I am so happy that they did. It means so much more than just bidding adieu. 🙂 This post is long due since my farewell on April 13th, 2013. I couldn’t do it earlier because of exams and everything. 😛

Farewell is a custom that juniors have to follow each year for their seniors. However, if they do it in a way which clearly shows that it means much more to them than just a custom, then you realize that it is very important to them too that you will be leaving this college soon.

Honestly, in terms of hanging out and interaction, I was more close to my seniors than my juniors. But I had a few friends from the third year batch too which I genuinely feel lucky to have. First of all, they were always so lively whenever I talked to them that it used to make my day (probably all of us tend to discuss our serious academic matters within our own batch?). They cracked the silliest of jokes and laughed at mine as well. However, the best quality of those friends of mine I am talking about still remains that they are super funny people. 😀 I remember their faces when we used to join them in group assignments and as we were in 4th year, we were more carefree towards assignments. They had a very helpless expression on their faces accompanied with “Bhaiya/ Di, do teen question aap bhi kr lo!!” (Guys, you also solve a few questions for the assignment no! :D). What was overwhelming was that they were always excited about plans even if it included just us, like trips or planning events etc. 🙂

Then, there are my junior friends from 2nd year. These people can come up with the most random of things to talk about which makes you double up with laughter! Sometimes, one of the parties involved in the conversation lose track of the topic and that is when it all becomes hilarious! I have spent very beautiful times with these people really. Oh, and they gave us goodbye notes and other such sweet things on our last day that it actually made me cry.

The funny thing is that all these people I am talking about are not people I hang out with all the time or share everything that I have to say but there are some people who are close to your heart even if you are not best friends with them. And I know that they feel the same because I have managed to make a place in their hearts too, even if it is a small place. 🙂

PS: If it is not clear from the post itself, my juniors put all the effort in the world to make the farewell party a success. Each of them had one or the other person from my batch who was very close to their heart that they had to make this day count. 🙂

PPS: There are only a very few people who are directly referenced in this post but there are a lot more of my juniors which I am going to remember ALWAYS because even if the interaction with them was limited, it was honestly a memorable part of my life here.

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