Milestone: 100 hits

I started this blog as a space to explore myself as a writer by writing about things that interest me (and a photographer too but that will take some time to begin). Honestly, I wanted to be appreciated for what I write or post and I get happy with even a like on my blog posts. 🙂 However, my purpose was not a professional blog where I have to give full attention to publicity ways as well, maybe someday I want to do that but that is not my mind state currently. So, even though 100 hits is not a big thing in the blogging world, it makes me extremely happy because I did not publicize my blog as yet and I am assuming that the appreciation that I got via likes etc. is based on what I wrote. Thanks for taking out time people! 🙂

PS: I have not written a blog post with actual content since a long time. Just waiting for my exams to get over. Oh, and these will be my last exams ever as an undergraduate. 🙂  

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