Today’s Google Doodle

Have a look at today’s Google doodle people, especially all you Indians out there! I love how vintage-y, old-fashioned and inspired from old Indian art/movie posters it looks. It is such a beauty to look at.

I look at it again and again and it reminds me of Old Hindi movie posters, Malgudi Days (it was a very popular Indian TV series), small towns of Rajasthan that I have visited and other such small things that are (or were) a part of the culturally rich and very beautiful India.

Oh, and by the way, it is made today to celebrate the date when India’s first passenger train started. Well, thank you Google! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Today’s Google Doodle

    • Haha! thank you! 😀 actually, its already very difficult to plan out something due to everybody’s individual constraints. so i did not want this outing to get cancelled. 😀 and, how come you commented about sukhdev dhaba on this post? 😛

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