Of Realizations and How!

Here’s the post that I talked about in my previous post here. I thought about blogging this while I was sitting on a metro station and later on the same day, I had another experience which gave me two things (or realizations as I would call them) to share.

So, I had an MBA entrance exam and a college presentation on the same day. I couldn’t miss either. So, I left my college after the presentation to reach the exam centre carrying just my admit card and other exam related stuff. Basically, I had nothing to do throughout the route because I wasn’t carrying any books to read or earphones or any such thing. I was bored like crazy because it was a pretty long route. Same process repeated on my return journey and I was supposed to get down at a certain metro station to meet my friend to take some important stuff from him. For some reason, he couldn’t make it on time and I had to wait for him for a long time which again meant sitting idly on the station. While I was there doing absolutely nothing, I had a thought for a second that I left my driving license at the exam centre and boooom! I frantically opened my bag and fumbled through stuff to finally find it. The huge rush of excitement that I had at that moment was amazing! of course, I would had been all freaked out if I wouldn’t have found it but for that small moment, it was such a fresh change from the dullness that I was having all around. And then is when realization 1 dawned upon me (Please don’t kill me for such a long story to just tell this :P): Life would be so boring if everything went according to what we decided for ourselves. Its incredible that God has made it a mix of emotions so tastefully that it lets us experience so many aspects of it.

Realization 2 is actually something that we all experience a lot of times but I’ll write it here because now I have a blog. 😛 Its a very common experience. Actually, on this same day, I had earlier thought about visiting my nearby temple when I reach back home. As I was late, I did not expect the temple to be open by the time I reach because normally it ain’t open at that time. But yes, you must have guessed, I found the temple open. So yeah, the second pretty obvious realization was that mostly, whatever we want gets fulfilled in either a direct or an indirect way. Like in my case, it was a direct way but sometimes we do not realize that what we wanted is being fulfilled but it still is. 🙂

PS: Yesterday, i.e. on Feb 28th, the last mid-sem exams for my B.Tech got over. I wanted to record it on the blog. Yes, college is going to get over soon!

4 thoughts on “Of Realizations and How!

  1. Dude! i’ve always thought about these things! I remember once I I picked up a necklace (those junk jewellrey types) from Shoppers Stop for my 14th birthday. And I couldn’t wait to wear it! Imagine my horror when I realised they forgot to bill it. We called them up, but that must’ve been the last piece and someone had already bought it. They said they’ll try getting it and give us a call when they find it. And then my mom said.. “If it’s meant to be yours, it will be yours.” And days passed by, nothing happened. A month later, on a holiday to Delhi, guess what I found? 🙂

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