Because today is a big day :)

Hi There!

This is officially my first post on my first blog, something that I was planning to do since ages but never had the courage to do so. However, I decided to write my first post around 15 minutes ago. Why this urgently, you may ask.

Because today is February, the 10th. Its the birthday of one of the most important people in my life, Lucky. 🙂 Other people being parents and brother, few cousins, few other but very important friends.

On this day, when I am not even done with deciding the name of this blog or with updating the ‘about me’ section (yes I consider about me an important section!), I had to write this post before its February 11 because it is my way of showing how much he means. I know a lot of people who can swear by how great a friend he is to them. He is that perfect caring friend who values his friendship with someone even if there are no selfish reasons involved to befriend a person, a very rare quality I find in people. He is someone who never loses his cool in tough times and is always the one who will cheer everyone up.To me, he is one of the most perfect people in this world and there is not a chance that I can explain that in a post but a few lines won’t hurt. Lucky, you are the best! I am refraining from writing here that how awesome you are because it is never going to be enough.

A very very Happpppyyyyyyyyyy *21st* Birthday! 😀 😀 May God always bless you and keep you happy! 🙂
PS: The image in the post is personal property. Please don’t copy without permission.

4 thoughts on “Because today is a big day :)

    • Hey supria 🙂 thank you sooo much for all the kind words. And thanks for the follow:D i am not much into makeup but totally digging your fashion posts and skincare ones! Keep them coming 🙂 oh, and, I too liked your writing style 😀

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